Relaxing Evening and A KIMail

Logan and I stole away to spend the evening sitting in Elonin, gazing at the Lake, sipping wine. A few other Explorers were looking around, trying to solve the puzzles, which was fun to watch.

We sat on one of the balconies, chatting quietly.

While I was spending time with Logan, I got a KIMail from Mystlander. Such a nice message! She let me know she’d been to the Clinic, fixed a few things up for me and would be keeping an eye on it in the future. I should put her in contact with Dorrian, so they can coordinate.

Logan is incredibly knowledgeable about D’ni and its history. I continually am amazed by him. I hope I’m not getting a crush, I have no idea how he’d respond to such a thing. Ah well, it’s just been pleasant having a friend to chat with, who seems just as interested in my life before I came here as he is in my Cavern history. He mentioned he’d read some of my dear grandmama’s books and even attended one of her seminars in Sedona, which just touched my heart even more.

He spoke at length about living in Sedona, where I lived for a few years after I moved to the States with Grandmama. I’m a bit surprised we never encountered each other in town while I was there, since he lived there when I was staying with Grandmama. But, since I was homeschooled and he attended the local High School, we just never crossed paths. It’s unfortunate, but well…

Ah… I am going on too much about Logan.

Dr. Evergreen (Art by M. Evergreen)

I heard from my friend, Dr. Evergreen, today as well. She sent me a text asking all about the Cavern. She’s definitely interested in visiting with her niece, who is very interested in the paranormal.

I think they’d both be stunned at what exists here below the desert floor of New Mexico… Heh. Though I know Dr. Evergreen and her niece have seen some pretty amazing things, I’m certain they’ve never seen anything like Ae’gura!

I’m hoping they might visit for the summer season, then they can meet Logan, Calum, Kelsei, Diranda, Jules and Carl. That would be so fun! I’d love to show a youngster around the Cavern!

Diranda told me her friends have been researching an Age that Calum found and they’re hoping he might let them visit it eventually. Calum mentioned that this age has crystals with some very unusual properties, which apparently caught the attention of Alex, Jamie and Nyota. They’re anxious to explore but Calum is being careful in who he’s letting visit, which I definitely agree with. I’d like to explore that Age as well but I respect Calum’s wishes in this case. I know he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt and I agree.

Logan Visited

So Logan stopped by the Clinic today. He was curious about where I was staying and I showed him around the Clinic. We stopped by the Radio Free D’ni show for a while as well but ended up spending most of our time wandering around Ae’gura, listening to the show on my phone.

He’s kind of amazing! So interesting and funny! I haven’t had a friend like him in a very long time and I didn’t realize how much I missed just hanging out with someone and sharing D’ni.

I think Grandmama would like him. There’s just something about him that is different.

We spent most of the evening in the Library, reading and sharing the information we’ve learned. He knows D’ni! Much better than I do! He was translating a book of poetry and it was just magical to hear his pronunciation of the words. It’s almost as if he were D’ni in a past life.

I’d love to introduce him to Carl, Jules and Calum, but Logan’s been kind of hesitant to meet more people. I’m not sure why. I think he’s just shy.

Explorers in the Cavern

This evening, while I was walking down to the Pub, I met a gentleman, Logan. He’s a newcomer to the Cavern, from the town my grandmother lives in, Sedona. We went over to the pub and had a couple of drinks and a nice, long conversation. Though he’s been here longer than I have, he arrived in December and has been exploring Ages and following the Journey. He’d just recently finished the Journey and was trying to find out more about the most recent news that Echo McKenzie was seen recently, which I’d heard about but didn’t see. I understand Dr. Lavisham spoke with her, however.

Unfortunately I couldn’t provide Logan with any new information about that, but we talked quite a bit about the Cavern, recent events and our work. He was very friendly and I enjoyed meeting him.

Strange visitors

A couple of former workers on the Overflow station, who left the project a few weeks ago have been showing up on the visitor logs in the Clinic.

Calum let me know that these people had quit shortly after they took a leave of absence and as far as we knew, they’d left the area.

However, Tati Masser and Fasyk Casing have since been in the Clinic at least three times since they went ‘missing’. They seem to appear whenever I’m out on rounds or otherwise occupied in the Clinic, so I have yet to encounter them.

Added Office Hours and Appointments

I’ve set up a contact form for those requesting appointments as well as a list of hours I will be in the Clinic. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like an appointment.

(Office hours are KI Time (MST). ICly Tiernan will be in the office during these times, but if you’d like to meet with Tenny and he’s not on the server, please let me know (Diranda/Tiernan) on Discord or on-server and we can meet up at the Clinic!)

Sanctuary Clinic Open House

Friday, April 15, 1400-1500 KI Time (4pm Eastern/2pm Mountain)

The Sanctuary Clinic at Tiernan Quinlan’s Hood is having an Open House to introduce the new medical clinic to the Cavern! Please stop by to meet our resident Doctor, Tiernan Quinlan! He will show everyone around the Clinic and answer any questions you might have.

(Welcome to our first new In-Character Event! This will be a free-form RP event and everyone is invited to attend, all experience levels are welcome! Please feel free to contact Diranda KI:11629473 (on Discord or in-Cavern) or Tiernan KI: 11690335 (in-Cavern) with any questions!)

The Clinic is coming along

I have been figuring out where to set up rooms for the Clinic, exploring my neighborhood and looking at all options.

At the moment, I have set up my office and telescope monitoring equipment in the ‘Classroom’, with my satellite equipment in the foyer near the clock. I don’t expect it to interfere with the clock mechanism, and thus far, it hasn’t.

I think the little observation room next to the classroom might be a good examination room. It’s private and quiet. It will just need a bit better lighting.

The light gardens are a nice place for people to wait and relax. I’m primarily considering a good location for the emergency OR as well as patient rooms, but I will probably put one of the townhouses to use as a hospital ward at some point.